Our History

In 2018, Owner and Pitmaster Eric Pickle sampled Texas barbecue for the first time while visiting clients on a business trip. He was immediately blown away. From the authenticity and pageantry of the wood-fired repurposed propane tank smokers pumping out 100% hardwood smoke to the quality beef and pork used to create masterpieces of melted meat, the whole experience was life-changing. Eric continued to travel to Texas on and off for 2 years, racking up airline miles and checking off barbecue joints.

In early 2020, the travel to Texas stopped but the story of The Smoked Pickle began. An abrupt change in career that yielded time in isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for creation. Fueled by dreams of barky brisket and savory spare ribs, Eric purchased a used wood-fired offset smoker for $100 online and began smoking meats in his backyard. First came bad brisket, then okay brisket, then brisket good enough that family and friends began to ask for Eric’s creations. 

In October of 2020, Eric took delivery of his first commercial smoker made by Knoxville-based upstart TMG Pits and sold his first brisket under the Smoked Pickle Barbecue name in November of 2020. 

With strong demand and a desire to push his business to the limit, Eric placed an order for his first 500 gallon repurposed propane tank smoker, built by his partners at TMG Pits. The pit was completed in April 2022. 

Fast forward to May 2022 and the dream of opening a barbecue food trailer is a reality.

Barbecue. Big Dreams. Big Faith.